DIY Events VS Hiring a Caterer

Hello Readers. Today I want to discuss DIY Events VS Hiring a caterer. Every time I speak with someone that wants to do their own event instead of hiring a professional, the movie Cinderella pops in my head. We all have seen the movie and know the story. When you do your own event, while […]

High End Disposables VS Real China

I recently attended a catering convention in New Orleans, LA. While there, I attended the Catersource Trade Show. I was astonished by the number of options for disposable dishes that they had available. I know what you’re thinking. Disposable plates? I can’t have that at my event. I will look cheap. But I must tell […]

Advice to Couple’s Planning Their Wedding

This is the first edition of our new weekly blog. These blogs are our opportunity to keep you up to date with trends, tip & tricks, and advice on all things event related. Today I want to focus on my number 1 tip/piece of advice for ALL couples planning their weddings. The advice is to […]

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