Halloween Parties

Happy Halloween Readers. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for throwing a party. Reason being is that it allows no, encourages creativity. Now most know the history of Halloween but do you know the history of Halloween Parties? It was started in Ireland by the Celts and was known as The Festival of Samhain […]

DIY Events VS Hiring a Caterer

Hello Readers. Today I want to discuss DIY Events VS Hiring a caterer. Every time I speak with someone that wants to do their own event instead of hiring a professional, the movie Cinderella pops in my head. We all have seen the movie and know the story. When you do your own event, while […]

High End Disposables VS Real China

I recently attended a catering convention in New Orleans, LA. While there, I attended the Catersource Trade Show. I was astonished by the number of options for disposable dishes that they had available. I know what you’re thinking. Disposable plates? I can’t have that at my event. I will look cheap. But I must tell […]

Advice to Couple’s Planning Their Wedding

This is the first edition of our new blog. These blogs are our opportunity to keep you up to date with trends, tip & tricks, and advice on all things event related. Today I want to focus on my number 1 tip/piece of advice for ALL couples planning their weddings. The advice is to Breath […]

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